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Redsky Core Book PDF

Redsky Core Book PDF

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All the rich lore, beautiful artwork, and mechanics of the Core Book in a digital form for your convenience. See a preview of the book here.


Redsky is a magicless science-fantasy setting and total conversion for 5e. Deep in the hull of the World Ship, the sky will turn blood red. Civilizations will collapse. Almost everyone will die.

You have never played 5e like this. Go beyond good and evil with Redsky's new elemental alignments. Enjoy a more grounded experience redesigned for a cap at 10th level, and come prepared! Healing takes more time and combat is more tactical. In a world of swords and spears, awe friends and foes with powerful Eldertech artifacts.

New rules for social encounters, weather, and exploration, open the door to a whole new way to play 5e.

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